As a Texas Law Enforcement Officer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In 2010, the city where I worked had a resident walk out to their driveway only to discover that their vehicles, a Cadillac Escalade and a Chevy Silverado (Texas Edition) were both sitting on landscape blocks and their wheels had been stolen. (Approximate theft time: less than 90 seconds per vehicle.) I dislike a thief as much as the next guy, so I started looking into wheel thefts. I was staggered by the number of wheel thefts in this country.

Wheel thefts have become a National Epidemic from the dealer’s lot to the consumers’ driveway. I felt the need to create a “real” wheel lock security system as opposed to the existing wheel locks that can be easily removed by an everyday socket or the thief can also shatter your window only to retrieve your wheel lock key from your center console or glove box. I ventured out into testing the “security” of today’s existing wheel locks and I was able to locate many flaws and weaknesses. In less than 20 seconds, with a small grinding tool from my garage, I was able to create a master key that fits the majority of all Chevrolet/GMC Trucks/SUV’s and Cadillac/Denali SUV wheel locks on the road today.

Armor Wheel Lock was born after three years of criminal studies on wheel thefts, intense product development and research to create the perfect wheel lock system at an affordable price.

The Patented Armor Lock Security System is made up of a extremely light weight wheel lock system currently tailored for Chevrolet/GMC/Cadillac Trucks and SUV’s. (Ford, Dodge, foreign-made vehicles, and universal after-market wheels are on the drafting board.) Armor Lock is comprised of a two-part security system which eliminates ALL access to the vehicle’s lug nuts and protects the only entry point with a double-secured, bullet-proof, pry resistant, extreme high-impact balanced wheel lock system. (Total weight of the Armor lock security system is 5 ounces)

Due to Armor Lock’s sophisticated wheel locking design, once the system is purchased, Armor Lock recommends your wheel locks be registered at www.Armorwheellocks.com to authenticate the true ownership of the security key. Once installed either by the dealership or the vehicle owner, the system is invisible to the eye, does not affect the balance of the wheel and does not affect the performance of the vehicle. Included with the Armor Lock Security System is the first of its kind, a highly magnetic hide a key cylinder tailored for your wheel lock key to allow you to select a secured location. As of Spring 2017, not one set of wheels we protect have been reported stolen. 

With feedback from wheel thieves, certified mechanics and law enforcement, Armor Lock is the Ultimate Wheel Security System of Choice. Major insurance companies, auto task force teams and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have praised the Armor Wheel Lock System.

Armor Lock is made in the United States of America.

Thank you!

Armor Lock Inc.